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Annual Meeting

Our 3rd Annual Meeting and Reception were held on September 3rd and 4th this year. Many well-known speakers and presenters were able to attend this year and there was considerable focus on sustainability practices at Fort Leonard Wood, as well as increased dialog between all attendees during breakout sessions that were focused on K-12 education, air transportation, healthcare, regional power, marketing the region, community and military partnerships, and focusing on military families.

Association of Defense Communities Chief Executive Officer Tim Ford spoke briefly at the reception and gave a full presentation at the annual meeting. Ford provided an overview of regional cooperation and the keys to Fort Leonard Wood sustainability. He gave incredible insight into how the FLW region can best prepare for the future, regardless of the decisions that the Army may make. Ford also commended the region for the great response during the public Call to Action campaign in response to the proposed Army cuts in the 2014 SPEA.

Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) Commander Major General Leslie Smith joined the group for lunch and gave a short, inspirational speech. Despite having a very full schedule, he made time to stop by and we very much appreciated his participation.

Center for Sustainable Solutions Director Kevin Palmer also gave a presentation during lunch. Palmer spoke briefly about best sustainable practices at Army installations across the United States. After lunch, MSCoE Deputy Commanding General Dr. Rebecca Johnson took Palmer’s topic and applied it to Fort Leonard Wood. Johnson provided attendees with an overview of sustainability practices that are currently happening at Fort Leonard Wood, including the increased use of energy efficient vehicles to transport troops on post.

Missouri Senator Dan Brown and Missouri Representative Steve Lynch also took time to address the crowd. They each emphasized how critical the installation is to the entire state of Missouri and provided information on what they are doing on a daily basis to help educate others at the state level on the importance of Fort Leonard Wood.

Many attendees appreciated the breakout sessions and being able to attend the sessions that most applied to them. We received many positive comments on the productive dialog during these sessions, as well.

You can review the presentations that are listed above by click on the links listed below:

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Strengthening the Fort Leonard Wood region