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2022 Mil Spouse Survey Results

Over the past few years, Missouri has placed greater emphasis on passing legislation that ensures an optimal quality of life for military members and their families. Missouri continues to focus on enacting legislation and putting plans in place to make the state one of the most military-friendly states in the nation. Military spouse employment initiatives are central to the state’s strategy and consistent with regional leaders’ interest in creating additional opportunities for those in the FLW Region.

The quality of life of military families directly affects Army readiness and the Secretary of the Army has made clear that our Army's military families are a priority. Improving military spouse employment in the FLW Region is a priority for our installation leadership, state leaders, and local community leaders who will continue to collaborate in maximizing current opportunities and attracting/creating meaningful job opportunities in the four county region.

Our participating military spouses’ experiences, insights, and understanding of the importance of this subject have been invaluable. The input provided by our respondents on their personal employment experience in the FLW Region will help improve quality of life for current and/or future military spouses and families on the installation and in the region.

Thank you to the following organizations who were instrumental to the development of this report:

  • Waynesville R-VI School District
  • Fort Wood Community Spouses Club (FWCSC)
  • Blue Star Families of Missouri
  • USO of Missouri – Fort Leonard Wood

Click here to view the full survey report.

Click here to view the survey infographic.


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