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Economic Development

One of the primary goals of the SOP is to encourage regional economic growth that sustains the region and strengthens the bonds between Fort Leonard Wood and the surrounding communities. We have multiple economic development initiatives that are on-going.

We are a proud supporter of many local organizations that focus on economic development. Here are a few links:

Fort Leonard Wood is the 5th largest employer in the state and the installation makes a huge impact on Missouri. Every business that thrives due to activity from Fort Leonard Wood pays state taxes, which fund critical programs like education, transportation, etc. for the whole state of Missouri.

Approximately 36,400 direct and indirect jobs are created in Missouri due to Fort Leonard Wood and an estimated 200,000 family members visit Fort Leonard Wood each year, resulting in a total economic output of $2.8 billion (including household earnings, personnel spending, etc.). If your business is looking for customers, this is the place to find them!

Our region also provides a talented pool of job candidates due to the local school districts’ dedication to preparing students for college and careers. After high school graduation, students have access to a number of two and four-year colleges and universities in the region. Learn more about education in the region here.

Due to the Army’s focus on extending education programs to spouses, the region also has a constant stream of well-educated and trained potential employees looking for work. Our region is also home to a high percentage of veterans. One of our many economic development initiatives is our Veterans to Farmers program. For more information on the program, click here.

There are multiple Missouri Career Centers in the area that also do a great job of matching qualified job applicants with open positions within area businesses.

Strengthening the Fort Leonard Wood region