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The Fort Leonard Wood region has one of the best locations in the state. We are centrally located with direct access to Interstate 44, which runs across (east to west) the state of Missouri. Not only are we able to get to large cities in one to two hours, but we can also fly there from the Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport located on Fort Leonard Wood. Public, commercial jet service provided by Contour Airlines, connects you to St. Louis and beyond without the hassle of a long drive, expensive parking, and busy airports. The WSRA's 30-passengers jets offer frequent, convenient 24-minute flights between St. Louis and FLW. 

The SOP is constantly working with military officials and local and state government officials to improve the Waynesville-St. Robert Airport. We provide regular briefings to community leaders and citizens, updates to our elected officials.

Starting in February of 2017, the SOP has taken the lead on marketing the airport to potential passengers.

Strengthening the Fort Leonard Wood region