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Utility Infrastructure

As the Fort Leonard Wood region continues to lead the way in a variety of areas, we want to remain at the forefront of implementing new technology in order to increase the sustainability and resiliency of the region. The SOP is focused on utility infrastructure as it applies to electric power, fuel, water, sewer, pipelines, and communications infrastructure, rights of way, bandwidth, and regulatory compliance.

The Department of Defense is currently looking for ways to reduce costs at installations across the United States. At our 2014 Annual Meeting, we specifically held breakout sessions focused on Regional Power and Section 331 Community-Military Partnerships. Finding ways for our communities to work with the military is very important to the SOP and we hope to continue to help bring everyone to the table to move forward with these projects in the future. Click here for more information on the importance of Section 331 partnerships in defense communities.

Through our region's Fort Leonard Wood Community Partnership Leadership Committee, regional leaders come together to exchange information and discuss possible future partnership opportunities. We know that when leaders and key players come to the table with the goal to seek mutually beneficial partnerships, our entire region wins.

Utility Infrastructure initiative volunteers represent each of the four counties in the Fort Leonard Wood region, as well as major regional stakeholder organizations. SOP staff help organize meetings, publish meeting minutes, and assist with communication between the volunteers. In 2015, due to the extensive work of our Utility Infrastructure committee, our former Executive Director Joe Driskill was invited by former Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to serve on the Steering Committee that eventually developed a comprehensive State Energy Plan for the state of Missouri. To read the plan, click here. 

Strengthening the Fort Leonard Wood region